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Whiplash from a Car Accident

Whiplash is  considered the most frequent consequence from a car accident, whether you were the driver, or a passenger. The sudden jolt from even a low speed car accident will mean your head, neck and back are thrown forward then backward with severe force in just a fraction of a second, causing whiplash.

Whiplash is a serious injury

For some people the early symptoms will be a sore neck and a bit of a headache. This may sound simple enough, but a car accident whiplash injury to the neck, which is a critical part of the body, can have severe long-term consequences. Remember all your neural messages travel to and from the brain via the neck, along with nutrient-giving blood cells. With whiplash it is critical to realise that the full extent of your whiplash injury may not be apparent right away.

The best medical and legal advice

Your health should always come first, so if you haven’t already, then please see your doctor immediately, and take his or her advice about how to proceed in order to minimise any impact to your long term health.

You should also speak to an experienced car accident solicitor who has seen the consequences of many whiplash injuries, and will advise on how best to proceed in order to protect your right to adequate compensation.

If you want to know the best way to handle your whiplash car accident claim, we can offer you accurate and impartial advice because we are highly experienced whiplash solicitors.

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