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Important advice about your Chronic Whiplash Compensation Claim

Chronic Whiplash is the result of being involved in a serious accident where your head has been thrown back and forth in rapid succession, compressing and then over-extending the ligaments that surround the top of the spine. This rapid movement may also cause damage to other soft tissues in the neck and upper body, and chronic whiplash compensation claims have to account not only for the incredible ongoing pain that the victim suffers but also the potential for serious health issues later in life.

As with any injury sustained in an accident, your first priority has to be your health. Whereas the application of a neck brace can support the damaged soft tissues of the neck and help them to heal, further complications, such as an obstruction in the flow of blood to the brain, can arise, and the potential for these has to be integrated into any chronic whiplash compensation claim.

Making a Chronic Whiplash Compensation Claim

Until the full extent of your injuries is known, it is difficult to make a chronic whiplash compensation claim. However, if a partner or family member feels that they should start the ball rolling (while the evidence is fresh) they can seek advice from a specialist injury claims solicitor familiar with chronic whiplash compensation claims. With an injury of this severity, the Gardai will have a record of the incident in their road traffic accident report book, or if the accident has occurred at work, an employer should also have recorded it in their own accident report book.

With the possibility that you may still be hospitalised, anybody on your behalf is welcome to call our free advice telephone service. You, or they, will receive accurate and helpful advice about the steps you can take to make a chronic whiplash compensation claim. All of the advice that we offer is up-to-the-minute and offered without any obligation. We are aware that a victim may not be in a position to proceed with a claim immediately and, until the full extent of the injuries are apparent, it is often better to wait – although it never hurts to get the free advice as early as possible.

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What can I expect?

Because of the nature of chronic whiplash and the many serious conditions that can manifest from it, our solicitors will advise patience before making a chronic whiplash compensation claim. As whiplash symptoms fail to appear on x-rays, your claim will be based on medical opinion rather than tangible fact, and so it is best to allow the doctors to complete their initial treatment of the whiplash.

However, in order to best prepare a chronic whiplash compensation claim, our solicitor will need to know the circumstances in which you got the chronic whiplash, details of the doctor’s initial diagnosis and treatments that you are on, and the effect this is having on your personal life and ability to work.

Inasmuch as it may be too early to know the complete picture in relation to any long-term health issues, it will also be too early to advise on the amount of compensation you will receive for your chronic whiplash compensation claim. However, our solicitor will be able to advise on the length of time your claim should take (if you choose to proceed) and the likelihood of your success based on what you have told them.

Chronic whiplash compensation claims are rarely straightforward due to the advanced nature of the injuries, however there is never a better time than right now to make enquiries regarding your entitlement to chronic whiplash compensation claims. Please call our free advice telephone service to  make a start on Chronic Whiplash Compensation Claims

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