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How Do You Sue for Whiplash?

I would like to know how do you sue for whiplash? I was involved in an accident recently and suffered a whiplash injury.

The first issue that should be addressed when answering “how do you sue for whiplash compensation?” would be that although whiplash injury claims are among the most common personal injury claims in Ireland, they can be difficult to pursue. Therefore, you would be well advised to seek the assistance of an experienced solicitor when making a whiplash compensation claim.

An experienced solicitor would be able to evaluate your claim in the initial consultation that most solicitors offer without charge, could answer “how do you sue for whiplash compensation?” and any other questions you may have relating to your case and would subsequently be able to determine whether your claim is worth pursuing or not. Should he or she recommend that you proceed with your claim, your solicitor would be able to guide you through the various stages involved.

Many potential plaintiffs who ask “how do you sue for whiplash?” do not realise that the vast majority of personal injury compensation claims begin not in court but with an assessment by the Injuries Board Ireland. An application must be submitted; Form A — to describe your accident and injuries, Form B — a medical assessment completed by your doctor, a fee of 45 Euro for postal applications and 40 Euro for those submitted online and any receipts or bills you have for any financial loss that you have incurred as a result of the accident.

It is recommended that your solicitor complete and submit your application for whiplash injury compensation to the Injuries Board Ireland. For an individual inexperienced in the Injuries Board process, who is recovering from injuries sustained in an accident, it is quite simple to overlook simple items of the application which may cause you to be under-compensated when your claim is assessed.

If the assessment is subsequently rejected for any number of reasons, the next step of “how do you sue for whiplash compensation?” would be for your solicitor to enter negotiations with the negligent party’s insurance company in order to reach an appropriate settlement. Should no settlement be agreed upon, your case would go to court, with your solicitor acting on your behalf to achieve the maximum compensation figure that you are entitled to receive.

Because of the nature of whiplash injuries, no two claims for whiplash compensation are exactly the same. If a solicitor is involved from the initial stages of your whiplash compensation claim, he or she will be in a good position to prepare the strongest possible case.

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