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How much for Whiplash?

Whiplash is a common injury in road traffic accidents, but the symptoms are numerous and rarely follow a standard pattern, leaving the question “how much for whiplash?”  unanswerable. Compensation claims for whiplash account for about three quarters of all personal injury claims relating to road traffic accidents, yet because of the way whiplash affects the spine and vertebrae, “how much for whiplash?”  could relate to a temporary stiff neck or permanent disability – two distinct ailments with widely differing consequences for the victim.

Because of the many side-effects and late-developing symptoms of whiplash, you must see a doctor at the earliest possible opportunity – even if you think there is nothing to worry about. Specific whiplash injuries are difficult to diagnose as they rarely appear on x-rays, and even after you have received treatment, if you start to feel pins and needles in your fingers, have dizzy spells or start getting frequent headaches, you should go back to your doctor and tell them how you feel. Asking yourself “how much for whiplash?” will be irrelevant if you no longer have the functionality in your body to spend it!

Making a Claim for Whiplash Compensation

Although it is better to seek advice from a personal injury claims solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity, they will be in no position to answer “how much for whiplash?” until the full medical facts of your injuries are known. For the same reason, you should decline approaches made by the negligent party´s insurance company as they have no idea “how much for whiplash?” either. Provided there is sufficient evidence that shows negligence or another person’s behalf, you are entitled to claim for whiplash compensation and, in the event of a road traffic accident, you have up to two years in which to make your claim – sufficient time for any late-developing symptoms to be treated.

We have established a free advice servicefor victims of accidents suffering from whiplash. Whiplash not only occurs in road traffic accidents, it can happen in any accident where there has been rapid backward and forward movement of the head, and our solicitors are available to answer any questions you may have (expect for “how much for whiplash?”!) in respect of making a claim for whiplash compensation.

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What can I expect?

When a client calls our free advice service, they speak directly to a solicitor with experience of dealing with whiplash injuries. They will ask you to tell them about the circumstances of the accident, any diagnosis that has been made of your injuries and any treatment you have received or are currently receiving.

They will make an initial assessment regarding whether there is a case for you to claim for whiplash compensation, and if you wish to pursue this claim, they will guide you through the procedures involved and advise you of any expenses that may be incurred.

They will also give you an accurate assessment of your chances of success and the length of time it may take to receive your claim for compensation – the only thing they will not be able to tell you just yet is “how much for whiplash?” although they can provide indicative settlement figures.

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