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6 Most Common Reasons for Road Traffic Crashes

Accidents do happen day in and day out. While it is a common sight to see an accident on the road, you must know that accidents are not completely free from human error and fault. In fact, some measure of human control and precaution can prevent accidents from happening. Below are some of the major causes of road traffic crashes:

  1. Unnoticeable road blocks — Unnoticeable road blocks make a road accident prone. This happens in roads that lack proper light facilities and road signs or warnings. Roads with open manholes, cement blocks or uncoloured road humps must contain proper warning signs at the very least, otherwise it might slip the notice of the driver. This in turn causes accidents to happen.
  2. Nearby distractions — Another prevalent cause of road traffic accidents is nearby distractions. This includes cell phones, loud music, children or even distracting commercial billboards. This is the reason why taking calls while driving (unless it is on a hands-free mode) became a prohibited practice. In fact, putting distracting (i.e. exhibiting nude pictures) billboards on roadside is also prohibited in some countries. To avoid accidents, always make sure that you keep all the distractions at bay. Always focus on the road and on your driving.
  3. Tailgating — Tailgating is one of the most dangerous habits that can lead to accidents. It happens when a car stands too close to another car, causing the space for adjustments to be limited. Usually, accidents happen when the car in front comes to a sudden and unexpected stop, causing the driver (who is tailgating) to be surprised and to lose control over the vehicle. To prevent this, always make sure that you leave ample space between your car and the car in front of you.
  4. Vehicle malfunction — Vehicle malfunction is also a common cause of road traffic accidents. This can be purely accidental or it can also be caused by the driver’s negligence in checking if the vehicle is roadworthy. Vehicle malfunction can include brake failure, tire malfunction, etc. In some cases, malfunction of vehicle accessories can worsen the injuries sustained like in cases of defective airbags during car collision. Make sure that you check your car’s condition periodically or as the case requires.
  5. Driver fatigue or sleepiness — This factor is almost the same with intoxication except that intoxication requires alcohol or drugs. Driver fatigue or sleepiness causes the driver to lose focus and have less self-control. In effect, the driver’s skill deteriorates and it oftentimes prevent him from exercising due diligence on road. If you have been driving for long hours already, make sure that you make stops and rest for a while. You can also drink coffee or other drinks that will keep you awake during the long drive.

Overloading — Vehicles are not absolute carriers; it also has limits that you must respect lest you become prone to accidents. If your vehicle can only load up to a specific weight, don’t insist on putting on more than that. If you insist on putting on an additional weight, your car will lose its expected / peak performance.

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