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What is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Can you tell me what is my personal injury claim worth? I want to know how much I can claim for breaking my femur in a car accident.

There are many factors that can influence what is your personal injury claim worth, so it is not possible to tell you the amount of personal injury compensation you will be entitled to receive without further information on the exact nature of your injury, how it has affected your quality of life and the circumstances in which it was sustained.

We can tell you that according to the Book of Quantum — the reference used by the Injuries Board when assessing personal injury claims — the typical range of compensation for a broken leg will be between €19,600 and €79,800 for general damages. To determine what is your personal injury claim worth and where your injury falls within this range, you should speak with a personal injury solicitor.

A solicitor is unlikely to be able to tell you exactly how much personal injury compensation can be claimed for a broken femur without being given access to your medical records. It may also be necessary for you to have a consultation with an orthopaedic doctor to determine the length of time your injury will take to heal before it is possible to determine exactly how much personal injury compensation can be claimed. Compensation amounts for personal injuries depend on not only the pain and suffering caused but also how long you will be incapacitated by your injury.

Psychological injuries must also be considered when calculating the amount of personal injury compensation that can be recovered. If you have been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety or even depression after your accident, it is only fair that these psychological injuries should be compensated for in addition the physical injuries you sustained in the accident. If a mental health issue has been diagnosed by your doctor, it should be possible to receive compensation from the insurance company of the negligent third party responsible for the accident.

The compensation amount for a personal injury will also be affected by any contributory negligence on your part. If you were partially to blame for the car accident in which you broke your leg, the amount of personal injury compensation you will be entitled to claim may be reduced to take your role in the accident into account.

Finally, you can also claim back costs that have been incurred due to the accident or the injuries you have sustained. A solicitor is in the best position to advise you if an expense can be recovered as part of your personal injury claim. Costs are recoverable as special damages, which can include charges for private medical treatment, transportation costs to and from hospital and loss of earnings. Special damages are specific to each case and are therefore not possible to estimate. Your chosen solicitor will advise you if you can include an expense on your claim form and the total value of your personal injury claim when all aspects of your injuries have been assessed.

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