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Whiplash Back Injury Compensation Claim

Whiplash back injuries can vary in severity from a minor ache along the length of the spine to total immobility – factors which have to be considered when making a whiplash back injury compensation claim. How you acquired your whiplash back injury is also important, as the most dangerous whiplash back injuries are sustained in falls rather than road traffic accidents and can lead to long-term or even permanent health issues.

Even if you believe that your whiplash back injury is no more than a minor pain that will go away with a couple of aspirin, you should seek medical advice. Whiplash back injuries occur when the head has been thrown back and forth with such a violent action that the ligaments surrounding the neck and upper back are over-extended and compressed in rapid succession. If you have the sensation of pain in your lower back, the tissues and tendons  in your upper back and neck may still be in shock. In fact, the rush of adrenalin that is masking the pain in your upper back may also be disguising a cracked or broken vertebra.

Whiplash Back Injury Compensation Claims

It is because of this potential for undiagnosed injury, that you should not consider a whiplash back injury compensation claim until you have the “all clear” from your doctors. Furthermore, you should never entertain an offer of early settlement from the negligent party´s insurance company until you are fully aware of any long term side-effects there may be from your whiplash back injury. It is for this reason that you should always consult with a specialist personal injury claims solicitor once your health has been given first priority.

To make it easier for victims of accidents to find out what they may be entitled to in the event of a whiplash back injury compensation claim, we offer a free advice servicethat you are welcome to call. Our solicitors are familiar with the causes of whiplash back injuries and their consequences, and can give helpful and accurate advice about whiplash back injury compensation claims. The call and the advice are both free, and there is no obligation on to proceed with a claim once you come off the phone.

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What can you expect?

For many people, suffering from a whiplash back injury is one of the most painful and debilitating experiences they will ever have, and therefore we are sympathetic and understanding when you call.

We find the best way to build an accurate assessment of your case is for you to explain the circumstances surrounding your accident, the symptoms of whiplash which have been diagnosed and the treatment you are on to ease the pain.

Our solicitor will ask questions relating to how your incapacity has affected your quality of life and ability to work. Conscious of the fact that some symptoms of whiplash back injuries are slow to manifest, we may not be able to give you an idea of the amount your whiplash back injury compensation claims may generate for you financially but we will be able to assess whether the case to date is worth your while to pursue and how long the process will take.

If you decide to proceed – a decision that can be made in your own time – our solicitor will explain the procedures for making a claim for your whiplash back injury and advise you if there are likely to be any costs involved. Thereafter, it is just waiting until sufficient time has elapsed to ensure that there are no further complications pertaining to your whiplash back injury, and your claim will be filed.

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