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Whiplash Injury Awards

Whiplash injury awards arise from a number of conditions, mainly suffered after road traffic accidents. Injuries are caused, by the rapid and forceful movement of your head in relation to your neck or lower spine, that occur when your car has been in a collision.

Whiplash is difficult to diagnose, and the medical profession are often not fully in agreement about the best treatment. Plus, the severity of symptoms can vary alot, as can the whiplash injury awards suggested by both the Injuries Board and Irish courts. For example the Injuries Board suggest a general range of €11,500 to €78,400 for a whiplash injury award.

How are whiplash injury awards calculated?

Because whiplash cannot be detected by scans, a medical diagnosis will usually be given on the basis of the patient’s description of the symptoms, as will the subsequent whiplash injury award. So it is vital to use the very best medical experts to make your case. As highly experienced whiplash claim experts, we know who to send you to for expert diagnosis.

We also know how insurance companies and their legal teams will often try to reduce your settlement amount, and can ensure you receive the correct whiplash injury award.

On average, recovery from whiplash is achieved within a matter of weeks or months, however with some severe cases, whiplash injury awards need to reflect a permanent condition, that will need ongoing medical treatment, and which will effect future earnings and quality of life.

Focus on your recovery, not your claim

Because of the complexities involved with a whiplash case it is very important that you use the services of a highly experienced solicitor who has a long track record in achieving the best whiplash injury compensation awards.

We believe you should focus on getting back to optimum health, and leave our professional team of experts to handle your claim for you.

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