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California Woman Awarded $10.5m after being Trapped Under the Chassis of a Bus

Posted: September 15th, 2011

A woman from Oakland, California has agreed to accept a $10.5 million out-of-court settlement for a crushed hip and broken femur she sustained after being trapped under the chassis of a bus for 15 minutes. Abby Nichols (23) was trapped under a bus at a pedestrian crossing after crossing at a green light, and was left there in pain as the driver did not know how to operate the hydraulic lever used to move the chassis.

Nichols, who had just finished work at a San Francisco bagel shop when the accident occurred, still walks with the aid of a cane and has to undergo physical therapy.

After the bus company conducted an investigation into the accident it found the driver guilty of negligence. It failed to arrange a quick settlement for Nichols however, and it was only when she decided to pursue compensation for being trapped under the chassis of a bus did the bus company choose to engage in talks.

Categories: Car Accidents

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