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Car Accident Wrist Injury Claim Resolved in Court

Posted: October 30th, 2014

A car accident wrist injury claim, made by a woman who was forced to retire from training horses, has been resolved after a hearing in the Circuit Civil Court.

Denise Murray (49) from Newcastle in County Dublin made her car accident wrist injury claim after a crash in December 2011 left her with a weak right wrist. Denise – who up until the time of the accident had been a stud groom with a small stable of horses that she trained for show jumping and eventing – was unable to continue her outdoor profession and had to take a clerical job in a village post office.

Before Mr Justice Raymond Groake in the Circuit Civil Court, Denise explained that she was no longer able to ride, school or groom her horses and that the slightest pull on her wrist could cause excruciating pain. She added that turning a key in a door or opening a jar with her dominant right hand resulted in pain and that pain killers did not agree with her.

A former DIY enthusiast – Denise has had steroid injections in the base of her thumb to try and resolve her wrist injury, and the only option available for her – Judge Groarke heard – was to undergo surgery that would involve the insertion of pins into her wrist. Denise said that there was no guarantee that this would be successful and that an existing asymptomatic arthritic condition had also been aggravated as a result of the accident.

The judge agreed with Denise´s car accident wrist claim, and said that Denise would have had an ongoing good quality of life for many years had it not been for the trauma she suffered as a result of the car crash. He awarded Denise €30,500 compensation for the injury and her loss of an outdoor occupation.

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