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€25k Work Injury Compensation for Garda Who Was Victim of Stabbing Attack on Flight

Posted: November 21st, 2018

€25,000 work injury compensation has been awarded to Detective Garda Eamon Moran who was attacked with a blade on an aeroplane as he accompanied a deported Nigerian man to Lagos. Garda Moran sustained cuts to his face and has now been awarded Garda workplace injury accident compensation at a hearing in the High Court.

Legal counsel for Garda Moran, Barrister Breffni Gordon, informed Justice Michael Twomey that while working with the Garda National Immigration Bureau, he (Garda Moran) was travelling with the Nigerian national between Madrid and Lagos when the deportee armed himself with a razor blade. He then attacked the Garda cutting him across his right ear, the right side of his face and on his upper back before being apprehended. Luckily there was a doctor on board at the time who was able to treat Garda Moran and help to stop the bleeding. The attack occurred in March 2012 when Garda Moran, now aged 44, was 38 years old.

He sought further medical attention at a Madrid hospital, receiving 29 stitches, and attended with his family doctor upon his return to Ireland. His family doctor prescribed a course of  anti-inflammatory analgesic medication to treat the wounds.

Though his wounds have now healed Garda Moran has been advised that his scars will be visible for the remainder of his life. High Court Justice Twomey was informed that Garda Moran had to deal with a significant amount of stress and sleep disturbance following the attack. In an attempt to deal with this he had attended almost a dozen counselling sessions. In 2015 his counsellor advised him that he did not suffer with any residual post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Garda Moran told the Court he was absent from work for about four months before returning to his former position and duties.

At the High Court Judge Twomey awarded Detective Moran €25,000 Garda workplace compensation together with an additional €3,000 special expenses.

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