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€30k Beauty Salon Injury Compensation for Woman Burnt by Laser

Posted: October 25th, 2018

 €30,000 personal injury compensation has been awarded to a woman after she allegedly sustained first-degree burns during a laser treatment on her face.

Ms Jolanta Skaudvilaite, with an address at Pine Grove, Athlumney Wood, Navan, Co Meath told the High Court that she was absent from work for 10 days of work due to the injuries she suffered during a laser treatment on her cheeks at a beauty salon. The 37-year-old female took the hair salon compensation action against Alchemy Beauty, Trimgate Street, Navan.

Ms Skaudvilaite claimed that she suffered the injuries during the treatment that was being at the Alchemy clinic on July 21, 2011 when she was exposed to a laser treatment that was liable to cause burns. She told the High Court that there was a failure to ensure that the workings of the equipment being used for her treatment was adequate. Along with this she claimed the standard of laser and/or beauty treatment was not in line with common acceptable practice. Alchemy Beauty denied the claims of Ms Skaudvilaite.

Ms Skaudvilaite, a retail assistant, told Justice Kevin Cross that following the treatment her cheeks were sore and she contacted the beauty salon to advise the staff. She said they were surprised that she was feeling pain, something that indicated to her that everything was not in order. She attended a local doctor who prescribed a course of antibiotics. Once she began taking the prescribed medication her cheeks slowly healed over time.

Ms Skaudvilaite also told the High Court that she suffered from a considerable amount of trauma during the incident and was given tranquilisers. While her cheeks had are no longer constantly sore, they can still be quite sensitive on occasion.

A medical report provided by a specialist plastic surgeon said there had been small but significant changes to the colour in Ms Skaudvilaite’s right cheek and she had been told that she must to use sunblock when outdoors to prevent any further damage from being sustained.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross, in awarding the beauty salon injury compensation, said a report from Ms Skaudvilaite’s doctor stated that she was suffered from major upset and remained aware of the burns at all times. Justice Cross said that he believed she had told the truth in relation the injuries and trauma she suffered.

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