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Settlement Inconsistencies to be Corrected by New Book of Quantum

Posted: September 26th, 2016


After many years of criticism, a new Book of Quantum will be published in Ireland with updated estimates of compensation settlements.

First published back in 2004, the Book of Quantum is a reference text used by solicitors, insurance companies and judges alike to settle claims for personal injury compensation when the victim of the accident was not at fault. It contains an extensive list of injuries and provides estimates as to how much compensation should be awarded in each instance, accounting for the severity of the injury and the long-term effects it will have on the victim’s health.

Yet the book has not been altered in twelve years, and as such many are dissatisfied with the estimates provided. Some solicitors and judges have stopped referencing the book when settling claims, whilst more still will continue to use the publication and only award the highest settlement. These different approaches to the issue have resulted in inconsistencies in how much compensation victims receive.

In an effort to tackle this problem, many of Ireland’s senior judges, along with the Courts Services and the Injuries Board began to write a new Book of Quantum. The new Book of Quantum uses data collected on over 52,000 personal injuries claims made in Ireland between 2013 and 2014. As such, the book is hoped to reflect current affairs.

Amongst other changes, the estimates were altered from the original to account for inflation over the last twelve years and changes in the cost of living. Additionally, more subcategories were introduced to facilitate fair and accurate compensation settlements.

Those hoping to recover compensation for injuries they sustained through accidents that were not their fault should consult a personal injuries solicitor as soon as possible after the accident occurred. The Book of Quantum only considers physical injuries, but it is also possible to claim for compensation if you have suffered a negative impact on your quality of life, emotional trauma or financial loss. A solicitor will help you through the complicated legal processes and work with you to recover a fair settlement.

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