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Texas Golf Club Forced to Pay Almost $1m in Wrongful Death Compensation

Posted: July 17th, 2011

A golf club in Texas has been ordered to pay out almost $1 million in wrongful death compensation after it was found that Lance Shelter, a father of three and inventor of medical devices that benefited children, would still be alive if the club had adhered to its own policy of not over-serving patrons. Shelter was killed by a drunk driver who had been drunk 18 cans of beer at the club and been allowed to drive home.

Fort Worth District Court judge Dana Womack heard that the Southern Oaks Golf Club in Burleston, Texas, sold Mark Charles Pierce 12 cans of beer before his round of golf, and another six after, despite the fact that he showed clear signs of intoxication.

Pierce later drove home from the golf club and was found to have been responsible for the accident in which Shelter was killed.

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