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Whiplash Claim Dismissed Due to Misleading Evidence

Posted: August 12th, 2010

Evidence submitted by Dublin Bus against a whiplash claimant from Finglas, Dublin has led a judge to conclude that it was “highly probable” that the claimant mislead the court when she pursued a claim for whiplash against the company.

Mr Justice John Quirke ruled against Mary Farrell who was caught on camera mowing her grass and emptying the grass box over a wall – actions which should have been impossible given the supposed nature of her condition.

Dublin Bus also submitted evidence that Farrell, who was attempting to claim €410,000 in damages from the company, had made a number of expensive purchases in the time after her accident including foreign holidays and expensive cars – activity Dublin Bus dubbed as inconsistent with the claim for loss of earnings and future loss of earnings being pursued by Farrell.

Farrell had been involved in an accident with a Dublin Bus owned vehicle at the junction of the North Circular Road and Dorset Street near Dublin City Centre on June 14, 2004.

Dublin Bus asked Justice Quirke to dismiss Farrell’s claim under the provision of the Civil Liability and Courts Act which allows for the dismissal of a compensation claim when a judge believes that misleading evidence has been presented by a claimant.

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